Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Joy of Using JOYS

Just Organize Your Stuff  -- Organize life to enjoy life.
In my quest for clutter-free living, I bought all of the JOYS products after reading about them in HOW magazine. I have not been disappointed.

The filing system is really fantastic. It is beautifully designed, and you can really customize it to work however you need it to work for you. The color coded tabs are really easy to read and they just look great in your filing cabinet. Be aware: you will need to buy plenty of hanging filing cabinet space, as well as plenty of folders! These are not inexpensive, so plan to invest a lot of time and money into getting this to work.

The binder is really beautiful. But not as useful...I find that I am afraid to write in it! For the majority of sections, there is only one page. So I tend to write in pencil so I can erase it later. Also, it is harder to customize, so I spend a lot of time flipping through material that I really don't need. 

Overall, the investment has been worth it. Everything has a place. I can file my taxes fairly quickly. We can find random things, such as the manual to the printer. I know where my passport is. And I enjoy using it. It has been another way to incorporate great design into every day life!

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